Sweet Tubes

Introducing Custom Sweet Tubes! 
Fully customisable tubes filled with delectable treats to add some colour and sparkle to your party, conference  wedding, etc! Choose from an array of sweet treats including hand made triangular mints (available in various  colours), retro or pearlised gum balls or even savoury snacks including nuts or biltong! Traditional options like Jelly Beans, smarties or Jelly Tots are also available. For the health conscious, we recommend muesli, dried fruit or berries. The options are limitless....
The tubes can be customised with a glossy sticker or tag with your event name or logo, or via a direct print onto the tube. The tubes are available in various lengths sizes including 8cm, 12cm and 15cm.
Due to the unlimited options available, please contact us to discuss your specific needs in order for us to provide you with your perfect  custom candies! We have included some visuals of the options available:



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