Vegans Rule!!

We received a stunning write up on a local Vegan lifestyle blog about our Vegan Collection shirts! Read the full article here.


Yes I just screamed that heading!

I have been eyeing all of PETA’s shirts for so long, and then I found this fabulous company called Custom Candies and they made me these fabulous shirts.

The quality is excellent, the shirts mean what they say, and I am super excited to be sharing this with you :)

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (1) (640x480)

Rudi from Custom Candies (South African company) loved the ideas just as much as I did, and decided to make this a permanent section on his website… so scroll over to “collections” and you will be able to see all the goodies there that celebrates our Vegan lifestyle.

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (2) (640x480)

Here’s me sporting my different tees!

Kale Yeah! I’m Vegan!

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (4) (480x640)


Let them go free! (Elephants)

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (5) (427x640)


Eat No (Cow)!

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (6) (512x640)


F**k fur!

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (7) (380x640)


This is an ode to freedom.  For all animals!

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (8) (493x640)


Let them be free! (Whale)

VeganShirtsKarinHennOrganicLove (9) (469x640)


I will be working very closely with Custom Candies, and we will create brand new gorgeous apparel that will represent Organic Love as well as our community.

So we will be sharing some new exciting options with you soon!

Until then!… pop over to Custom Candies Vegan Collection and get your hands on these fab goodies!

All my love gorgeous Vegans!



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