Welcome to Custom Candies! Whoop!

After months of the proverbial blood, sweat & tears, Custom Candies is ready to go, go, go!!!
So, what is Custom Candies?
Custom Candies is an online custom apparel and gifting shop offering easy, unlimited customisation of various products for the individual. Many online apparel and gifting companies exist but they are often out of reach to the general public. These companies supply bulk, logotised items to corporates & other resellers but they cannot offer INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMISATION.
This is where Custom Candies offers you, the individual, the opportunity to customise your very own goodies... We will customise just about anything for you, no matter how big, small or unusual. If there is any product which is not currently on offer, feel free to contact Custom Candies on our contact us page.
So join Custom Candies for an unique experience and let your creative juice flow! Please keep up to date with new product launches, news and titbits from Custom Candies by signing up for our newsletter. 
Go on, treat yourself...


Diane French
Diane French

July 11, 2014

Congratulations Rudi :) Exciting times ahead!!

Mariaan Schafer
Mariaan Schafer

July 11, 2014

Wow!!!! Congrats Rudi with Custom Candies. What a great concept.

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